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Cline Travel Co. is a boutique travel agency designing elevated travel experiences sparked by your passions, and curated with authentic discovery in mind.  

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Yes, dreams do come true—and you don’t have to rub a magic lamp or toss a coin into a fountain (though do it anyway if you find yourself at the Trevi) to make it happen.

You just have to entrust your dreams to Cline Travel Co. 

I work with aspiring globetrotters who want a travel experience that allows them to fully unwind from their busy daily lives—one that they’re too busy to design themselves.  

Mark your calendars for your next great escape, and mark “plan it” off your to-do list. I’ll craft an unforgettable travel experience from beginning to end, just for you.  

My passion for meticulous planning and connections with global travel partners give you the vacation you’ve always dreamt of.

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Say Hello to Mallory Cline 

I’m not just a travel designer, I’m a dream designer. Because I know that our travel dreams are what fuel us—through another long day at the office, a hectic round of school-sports-homework with the kids or grandkids, or that last push toward retirement so you finally have the time to travel like you’ve always wanted. 

I’ve been fueled by my own travel dreams ever since my first whirlwind trip abroad in college—and I’ve now marked 11 countries (and counting!) off my list. 

 I take your vacation dreams seriously—and I’ll do all that I can to turn them into an effortless reality for you.  

Meet Mallory

I founded Cline Travel Co. because I believe that well-planned travel is the best remedy for our often stressful day-to-day lives.

As your personal travel designer,

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From romantic couples’ escapes to family adventures, once-in-a-lifetime journeys to celebrate a major milestone to golf getaways in a spectacular setting, I can design the exact vacation you’ve been craving.

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