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Growing up in a tiny town in Kentucky, I didn’t get my first taste of travel until college. I chose a study abroad program that took us across Europe; we hopped around Manchester, Prague, Barcelona, Paris, Grenoble, and back to Manchester.

When I got home, my first thought was: When can I leave again?

But I jettisoned my travel dreams and instead got on the corporate conveyer belt, where there just never seemed to be enough PTO. My husband and I made the most of our limited vacation time with trips to St. Lucia, Christmas markets along the Rhine, and beyond. 

But one of my favorite vacations — to Italy’s Amalfi Coast —
taught me the true value of travel. 

The jasmine-scented streets that wound through the cliff-perched towns were blessedly free of tourists, and the sun glinted off the water as our ferry sliced through the Mediterranean Sea. Every morning, I woke up to an expansive view out over mythic Mount Vesuvius, and every evening I wound down while watching the most spectacular sunset imaginable.   

Whenever I find myself back home staring out my Houston window, I transport myself back to the Amalfi Coast. The memory of jasmine in the air and warm sun on my skin is enough to get me through another long day of to-do’s—until my next trip, of course!

Everything about this trip was pitch-perfect. 

That is the gift I want to give my clients:

One that unfolds so seamlessly—and sensationally—that it feels like a dream, and then stays with you long after you land back home. 

That type of trip comes together when you know where to go, and who to trust once you arrive. My meticulous research + vetted international partners allow me to create deeply personalized itineraries full of “pinch me” moments of awe and indulgence.

So go ahead, start dreaming of your next escape—and let Cline Travel Co take you there. 

A transportive travel experience. 

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